Player Highlights

If you are looking for a professional quality highlight video for your athlete for recruiting or simply personal use, we have you covered! All our videos include graphics which include players stats, contact information and a high resolution still image of your player along with the video content. If we’ve covered your athlete’s games we can provide the game video or if you have your own we can use that footage as well to put together an eye-catching reel for your athlete.

Video Cost

Basic: $175 for video with up to 15 clips

Intermediate: $275 for video with up to 25 clips

Pro: $400 per video with up to 35 clips

*Additional fees may be added if customer provided video needs to be re-processed to improve quality or if video timestamps are not provided and clips of athletes need to be screened and located. Please avoid providing cell phone video to avoid additional processing costs.

Player Highlight Videos

Here’s some recent work from our athletes!