Terms of Service

When purchasing a one-time event or monthly subscription the purchaser agrees to the following:

  1. Sport Live Streams can not guarantee the quality and reliability of the purchaser’s internet connection or the network connection at the event site which can affect the quality and ability for the purchaser to view the event.
  2. MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS – The purchaser agrees to be billed automatically each month for the subscription they purchased.
  3. MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS – Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time and the subscription will remain in affect until the end of the paid billing period. Refunds are not given for unused portions of the monthly billing period.
  4. FAILED PAYMENTS – If an automatic payment fails for a monthly subscription, the payment will be retried 3 times. If each payment attempt still fails the monthly subscription will then be cancelled.
  5. REFUNDS – Refunds are only given for erroneous duplicate billing charges caused by payment processing errors.